6 games that are absolutely nsfw

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Most games are perfectly playable at work. At least if you have the kind of job that allows you to play games during working hours. But the games on this list should never be played from the office. Get ready for six games that are absolutely not suited for work!

6. Cabela's Big Game Hunter

You don't want to be caught playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter at work. Shooting and killing animals will quickly earn you the title of redneck piece of shit. Can you imagine the disgust in the eyes of your vegetarian work friends as you pump wild life full of holes.

5. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable isn't violent or sexy, so in that sense it's perfectly suited for work. It does however take place in an office. If your colleagues see you play a game that takes in a virtual office while you are in an actual office with a strange narrator describing your every move you will surely be known as weird inception guy.

4. Postal 2

Postal 2 is an old game that will probably run perfectly on your work PC. That however would be huge mistake. This game has a button that let's you urinate on people. You can light anything on fire and it allows you to use cats as silencers. This one will straight up earn you the title of office psycho.

3. Skyrim with mods

Skyrim is absolutely playable at work. But that quickly changes thanks to mods with names like oily bodies, clean faces and wet skin. Forget to turn off your mods once and you will forever be known as the office pervert.

2. Hatred

Hatred looks like something from a Law & Order episode where they try and prove a video game is responsible for a murder. If your colleagues see you play this game you will quickly become known as the office scary guy. And if you wear a trench coat to work everyone will start running for their lives.

1. 'Cobra Club,' a Dick Pic Simulator

'Cobra Club,' a Dick Pic Simulator is so not suited for work our own Robert had to play from the comfort of his home. This game is all about taking the perfect selfie of a very specific body part. Quite frankly, everything in this game is not suited for work. Especially the erection slider. We don't even know what people will call you if they see you play this game. But I'm sure you guys can think of something down in the comments!


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