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SKULL TROOPER & SKULL RANGER is OUT NOW in The New Fortnite Item Shop! SKULL TROOPER Challenges and UNLOCKING Ghost Portal Back Bling LIVE in Fortnite Battle Royale!

*NEW* Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger! New Skull Trooper Skin and Skull Ranger Skin was just got released in the Fortnite Season 6 Item Shop along the new Skull Sickle pickaxe, New Ghost Portal Back Bling, New Green Skull Trooper glider and New Blue Skull Trooper glider! This epic Skull Trooper Skin and epic Skull Ranger Skin costs 1500 VBucks along with the Sickle pickaxe, Ghost Portal Back Bling, Green Skull Trooper glider and Blue Skull Trooper glider. The other Halloween Skins are Hollowhead Skin, Jack Gourdon Skin, Plague Skin, Scourge Skin, Bullseye Skin and Squash Man Skin. The Skull Trooper Skin and Skull Ranger Skin is a part of Straw Stuffed set and comes along with epic Sickle pickaxe, epic Ghost Portal back bling, epic Green Skull Trooper glider and epic Blue Skull Trooper glider. The New Skull Trooper Bundle costs 3000 VBucks in total. In this Fortnite Livestream we will be doing Skull Squad Gear Challenges to Unlock the New Ghost Portal Back Bling. The Customizable Skull Trooper Skin and Customizable Skull Ranger Skin is available now in the New Fortnite Item Shop! You can see All Skull Squad Gear Challenges or Skull Trooper Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.

► All Skull Trooper Challenges:

- Search 10 Chests in a single match
- Play matches with at least one elimination
- Play Matches
- Deal damage to opponents in a single match
- Complete 7 Daily Challenges

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► All Upcoming Leaked Halloween Skins:
- Hollowhead skin
- Jack Gourdon skin
- Plague skin
- Scourge skin
- Bullseye Skin
- Squash Man skin

➤ All Upcoming Halloween Leaked Dances & Emotes:
- Electro Swing emote
- Headbanger emote
- Sprinkler emote
- Behold emote

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