How to Play Block Puzzle Jewel - Free Tetris Game

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Block Puzzle Jewel 2 is an old school puzzle game ever.
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A sequel to the classic Block Puzzle game, you can play this game whenever you like. Just install the app on your phone and set yourself up for hours of entertainment and brain teasing.

If you were a kid in the ‘90s and owned a handheld video game machine, you are probably familiar with the rules. All you need to do is basically drop the blocks in such a pattern that you can organize and eliminate lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. The aim is to keep the screen from filling up as long as you can. The more time you can clear to survive the higher your score will be. Just to spice up your gaming experience, the game incorporates various levels of difficulties to surprise you with a multitude of challenges, making it one of the best contemporary logic games. Even if you don’t have any nostalgic childhood memories regarding block based puzzle games, you will be drawn in by the game’s delightful design and vibrant color. Moreover, the stunning background music will reel you in from the moment you start playing the game.

Block Puzzle 2 is an awesome game to play for killing off some lazy time. This is a must have an app on your phone that guarantees you will never feel the lifeless vibe of boredom again. If you are looking for an alternative to sudoku or crossword puzzles to work up the neuron cells in your brains, Block Puzzle 2 is what you have been searching for all along. On your way back from work, during recess, in a mundane off day-whenever, you feel you need to kick up your spirits a bit, just take up your phone and start playing. Having a retro vintage theme combined with modern gaming technologies, Block Puzzle 2 has something to offer for everyone. It’s also very easy to play, so it could turn out to be a mind blowing leisure time activity for everyone in your family. You can keep track of your scores through a Google powered leaderboard and summon your friends in a fight for Block Puzzle supremacy. The app requires minimal space on your phone, so you won’t have to worry about bumping up against your phone’s storage limitations. Block Puzzle 2 is an addictive game designed to wash away the stress of your daily life hustles and re-energize you for your real life challenges.

So, what you say? Are you up for the challenge?


¥ A great exercise for your brain.
¥ Suitable for all ages.
¥ Variety of difficulty levels to keep you hooked.
¥ Addictive and fun to play.
¥ Exquisite game design and brilliant color effects.
¥ Great sound effects.

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