Pirates - a free beads puzzle game for kids by hama - ipad/iphone/android

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Today we are showing you a demo/gameplay of Hama Universe beads game by Malte Haaning Plastic - a selection of puzzles from the Pirates scene.

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About the app:

A set of interactive bead puzzles based on the physical Hama bead sets.

Complete the patterns by matching beads by the color and placing them on the pegplates then iron them with a virtual iron to add your creation to the scene.

4 worlds (Fairy Tales, Pirates, Circus and Monsters) plus empty plates for your own creations.

What we liked: the concept. Great number and variety of scenes and detailed puzzles. Ease to use (good set of tools and features). Great for developing creativity and fine motor skills. The game can be used for designing and testing real life Hama bead designs.

Type: interactive play/creative games for girls /beads puzzle/farytale/princess game
Age range: 5+
Original Appysmarts Score: 88/100
Platform: iPad, iPhone, Android

Source: Youtube.com